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Mathematics # Tools like calculators, converters and more.

Binary to Hex Converter

Converts a binary number to its hexadecimal representation (base conversion).

Ratio Calculator

Calculate the magnitude of quantities relative to each other.

Fibonacci Number

Calculate the fibonacci value based on the position in the series. Learn More

Hex to Binary Converter

Converts a hexadecimal number to its binary representation (base conversion).

Webmaster # Tools for webmasters.

Adsense Earning Calculator

Estimates your adsense earning based on clickthrough rate (CTR), CPC and Daily impression.

Clear Facebook Cache

Whenever Facebook visited a page (most probably when someone shared your URL on Facebook), your page’s metadata will be cached. Using this tool, you can clear your page's metadata instantly.

String # Tools that modify, count or generate string.

Word Wrap

Wrap the given text to a given number of characters using a string break character. Use \n for newline character and \t for tab character.

Random Password Generator

Generate random string or password based on the settings you choose.

String Manipulator

Manipulate a given string using PHP built-in string functions. You can decide in which order they are being executed.

String Replacer

Replaces string based on the replacement rules you specified. You can add more than 1 rules.
We provide a link for you to bookmark the rules so that you can reuse them later on.

String Shuffler

Randomly shuffle a given string with two option: either shuffle the whole thing as a single string or shuffle within words only.

Word & Character Counter

Count the number of words, characters and letters. Word is defined as string containing alphabetic characters only and doesn't start with hyphen or quote.

Cryptography # Tools for encryption, decryption, encode, decode, hash, etc.

Caesar Cipher

Replace each plaintext letter with one a fixed number of places down the alphabet. Learn more

Networking # Tools for networking purpose.

IP/Domain Whois Lookup

Display location info, map and whois information about a specific IP address or domain name.

What's My IP Address

Displays your IP address, location info, location on google map and browser information

Web Dev/Design # Tools for web developer and designers.

CSS Compressor / Minify

Compress CSS codes to save your website bandwidth. Comments, newlines, tabs, unneeded spaces will be removed. Your CSS will still work as before compression.

RGB to Hex Converter

Converts RGB values to hexadecimal colour code.

Tweet This Button Generator

Generates HTML codes for "Tweet This" button, where visitors can share your website on twitter.
By clicking on the button, users will be brought to twitter homepage with draft tweet written.

HTML Tags Counter

Count the number of opened and closed HTML tags in HTML codes. This is one of the way to determine whether your code has unclosed tags or unopened tags. This tool cannot detect the position where the error occurs though.

Strip HTML Tags

Remove all NUL bytes, HTML and PHP tags from the given string. You can specify allowable HTML tags but all PHP tags and HTML comment will be removed anyhow.

Hex to RGB Converter

Converts hexadecimal colour code to RGB values.

Time-related # Tools that calculate time, countdown, time elapsed, etc.

Date to Timestamp Converter

Converts date and time to Unix timestamp (seconds elapsed since epoch). Learn More about Unix Timestamp

Timestamp to Date Converter

Converts Unix timestamp (seconds elapsed since epoch) to human-readable date and time. Learn More about Unix Timestamp


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